Does The Garage use real gold?

Yes. The Garage uses certified high quality materials to hand craft your grill. At The Garage, our pride is to provide the best products using the best materials to our customers.

How long will it take for me to receive my order?

It will take 7-14 days after we receive your mold kit for us to hand craft your grill. Once your order is complete, you will be notified and the order will be shipped using your selected shipping terms.

What if I want a grill not listed?

Please call or stop by the shop for special orders including diamonds, opal, and other unique designs. These orders require a multi-step fitting process.

What if my grill doesn’t fit when I receive it?

There are several options to remedy this issue. Commonly, all grillz will have to adjust to your teeth after removing it from the mold. If it doesn’t fit properly you may have to mail it back to the shop for adjustments. Some adjustments can be performed by you with our guidance over the phone. If it still doesn’t fit; you will need to take a new mold and send it along with the grill to us because the original mold was not taken correctly. Please refer to the instructional video when taking molds. Standard processing times apply to re-do a grill. Return shipping is handled by the customer.